1. EuroComb'17, Vienna, August 2017
  2. The Second Malta Conference in Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Malta, June 2017. Intersecting families
  3. 15th Gremo Workshop on Open Problems, Kiental, June 2017
  4. Recent Advances in Extremal Combinatorics Workshop, Sanya, May 2017 Families with forbidden subconfigurations
  5. First Russian-Hungarian Workshop on Discrete Mathematics, April 2017  Families with forbidden subconfigurations
  6. Workshop on Discrete Geometry, Oberwolfach, April 2017
  7. MIPT-59, Moscow, November 2016
  8. Oktoberfest in Combinatorial Geometry, Lausanne, October 2016. Hypergraphs with no s pairwise disjoint edges
  9. Journées Graphes et Algorithmes, Paris, November 2016
  10. JCDCG^3, Tokyo, September 2016
  11. The Mathematics of Jiří Matoušek, Prague, July 2016
  12. New Era in Discrete and Computational Geometry, Ascona, June 2016. New lower bounds for \epsilon-nets
  13. Combinatorics: challenges and applications, Tel Aviv, January 2016
  14. Moscow Workshop on Discrete Geometry, Moscow, September 2015. Covering the space by slabs
  15. Ascension of Combinatorics, Lausanne, May 2015. Covering the space by slabs
  16. Workshop on High-dimensional Expanders, Les Diablerets, March 2015.
  17. Midrasha School on Combinatorics, Jerusalem, January 2015.
  18. Sum(m)it 240, Budapest, July 2014. On cliques in diameter graphs and On random subgraphs of a Kneser graph
  19. Moscow Workshop on Combinatorics and Number Theory, Moscow, January 2014. Diameter graphs in \mathbb R^4 and Proof of Schur's conjecture
  20. EuroComb, Pisa, September 2013. Two notions of unit distance graphs
  21. Random structures and algorithms, Poznan', August 2013. Unit distance graphs with no large cliques or short cycles and high chromatic number
  22. ICWSM'13, Boston, July 2013.
  23. Erdős Centennial, Budapest, July 2013.
  24. AIST'13, Ekaterinburg, April 2013. Каскады ретвитов - анализ и прогнозирование
  25. CIKM'12, Maui, October 2012. Prediction of retweet cascades over time
  26. 4th Polish Combinatorial Conference, Poznan', September 2012. On some geometric Ramsey theory problem
  27. Cycles and colorings, Novy Smokovec, September 2012. Distance graph with big girth and large chromatic number
  28. SIAM conference on discrete mathematics, Halifax, June 2012. Colorings of uniform hypergraphs with large girth
  29. 8th International Petrozavodsk conference ``Probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics'', Petrozavodsk, June 2012. Дистанционные графы с большим обхватом и большим хроматическим числом
  30. Diophantine approximation: state of the art and applications, Minsk, July 2011. The chromatic number of the normed spaces
  31. Infinite and finite sets, Budapest, June 2011. The chromatic numbers of normed spaces and On densest sets avoiding unit distance
  32. 7th Slovenian International Conference on Graph Theory, Bled, Slovenia, June 2011. The chromatic number of distance graphs and applications to combinatorial problems
  33. Geometric Graph Theory, Lausanne, Switzerland, September-October 2010.
  34. International conference dedicated to the 120 anniversary of B.N. Delone, Moscow, Russia, August 2010. The chromatic number of a normed space
  35. 8FCC, Orsay, France, June-July 2010. Counterexamples to Borsuk's conjecture on spheres of small radii
  36. Eurocomb, Bordeaux, France, September 2009. Chromatic number of small-dimensional Euclidean spaces
  37. Fete of Combinatorics and Computer Science, Keszthely, Lake Balaton, Hungary, August 2008. Dividing three-dimensional sets into 5 parts of smaller diameter
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