Short Biography

Born: 17.11.1989, Noginsk, Russia

M.Sc.: Moscow State University, 2010 (supervisor: Prof. Andrei Raigorodskii)

Ph.D.: Moscow State University, 2013 (supervisor: Prof. Andrei Raigorodskii and Prof. Nikolai Moschevitin)

Habilitation: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 2019


Jan 2022 -  present: Huawei R&D, Moscow, Russia: Senior Expert, Director of Network Algorithms Laboratory

Feb 2020 -  present: CNRS, France: chargé de recherche at G-SCOP laboratory, Grenoble (Combinatorial Optimization group) [on leave from 03.2022]

Sep 2019 - Aug 2020: Institute for Advanced Study, US: Member of Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics group (host: Prof. Avi Wigderson)

Dec 2018 - Aug 2019: University of Oxford, UK: Advanced Postdoc.Mobility fellow of Swiss National Science Foundation (host: Prof. Peter Keevash)

Nov 2017 - Nov 2018, University of Birmingham, UK: postdoc in the Combinatorics and Probability group (head: Prof. Daniela Kühn and Prof. Deryk Osthus)

Oct 2016 - Oct 2017, EPFL, Switzerland: research fellow (postdoc) in the DCG (Discrete and Computational Geometry) group (head: Prof. János Pach)

May 2016 - present, MIPT, Russia: senior research fellow at the Laboratory of Advanced Combinatorics and Networks Applications (head: Prof. Andrei Raigorodskii)

Feb 2016 - Sept 2016, G-SCOP, CNRS, France: postdoc in the Combinatorial Optimization group (head: Dr. András Sebö)

Sept 2013 - Jan 2016, EPFL, Switzerland: postdoc in the DCG (Discrete and Computational Geometry) group (head: Prof. János Pach)

Sept 2011 - May 2016, MIPT, Russia: junior research fellow in the Discrete Mathematics Department (head: Prof. Andrei Raigorodskii)

Jun 2011 - Aug 2013, Yandex, Russia: research fellow in the Yandex theory group (head: Dr Pavel Serdyukov)

Editorial board

Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory

Program Committee member



May - Jul 2021: MoCCA'20, held online

Nov 2019 - Dec 2020: Combinatorics and Geometry Days, first edition (Nov 2019), second edition (Apr 2020) and third edition (Dec 2020)

Oct 2020: Machine Learning and Combinatorics Workshop

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020: Workshop on Open Problems in Combinatorics and Geometry, first edition (Oct 2019) and second edition (Oct 2020)

Sept 2020: Probabilistic Combinatorics Online

Feb 2020 - present: Big Seminar of Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures

May 2019: Conference on graphs, networks, and their applications


Andrey Kupavskii


Research interests: Extremal Combinatorics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, Probabilistic Methods, Analysis of Boolean Functions, selected topics in Computer Science, IP Networks and Computing